Legislation of russia in english


Legal database “Legislation of Russia in English” is a collection of Russian documents in English with original texts in Russian. Professional, judicially accurate translations worked on by native English speakers.

Legislation of Russia in English

Legislation of Russia in English in numbers

  • Legislation of Russia in English contains about 24 700 documents
  • 150 documents are added to the system every month/30-40 documents translated into English weekly.
  • More than 900 000 comments and about 2 140 000 hiperlinks indicate the controversies and interconnections between various acts.
  • Legislation of Russia in English contains a description of more than 17 000 situatios

Datablocks of the legal database

The following blocks contain the most important documents:

  • Fundamentals of the state legal system, Defense
  • Customs law, foreign economic activities
  • Currency regulation and currency control
  • Accounting and statistical reporting
  • Banking activities
  • Taxes and fees
  • Civil law, privatization
  • General points of economic and entrepreneurial activity
  • Regulation of particular types of activity (Industry, Fuel And Power Complex, Construction, Agriculture, Communication, Transport, Trade, Insurance, Auditing Activity)
  • Securities, security market
  • Civil and arbitration procedure, Court and judicial system, Advocacy and notariat
  • Dwelling and non-dwelling premises, Municipal services
  • Land law, Natural resources and nature protection
  • International law, international relations
  • Social protection, Family law, Labour and employment, Law on education, Science, Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Legal order preservation and security, Criminal law and procedure, Criminal execution law, Administrative offences

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